The History Of Herschel


Herschel Supply Co is a Canadian manufacturers of retro backpacks and accessories. The brand was founded by two brothers Lyndon and Jamie Cormack. It was named after a small town in Canada where the brothers were born and raised. Both brothers had ties to the fashion industry, Jamie had worked at K2 Sports while Lyndon represented Vans shoes.

The brothers analyzed the market and concentrated on working out the kind of style people wanted to buy. The boys noticed that practical designer bags cost a heft amount and noticed to produce upmarket yet affordable looking bags people would find appealing. They took inspiration from their home town, bringing a nostalgic aesthetic with a modern twist. The brothers imagined what the town was like in 1906 when their ancestors first settled there, how the shops and signs would look. With the steep ravines and buffalo berry bushes, their isolated village heritage has supplied the Cormacks with a commercial success.Herschel Supply Co’s pieces look off that time and have a distinct vintage heritage look. The two brothers state that, ‘our goal is to create a timeless product with fine regard to detail’, and this is most certainly represented in their bag designs.

It’s probably that heritage look that makes this brand seem much older than its 2009 inception. In just a few short years the brand have become ubiquitous in cities like New York and Los Angeles, worn by everyone from the working man to school children and fashionistas. Their satchels stand out for having a neatly domed peak, zips that don’t gnash, clean lines and leather pulls. Herschel bags come in a range of colours and patterns that aim to talk nicely to your outfit instead of shouting it down with bold pints or neon colours. Despite adapting its range to its range of customers, now offering more textures, patterns and colours, they have never lost that classic touch, that maintains that classic old-school look, and they are never without their soon to be iconic logo. Heritage is an important part of the business, the Cormacks have turned down over 500 investors keeping the money between the two creators and their silent partner brother.

In their first year they sold 8000 bags now they’re stocked in upscale retailers like Barneys and Nordstrom as well as skate chains like Zumiez. 4,000 stores carry them overall.  Their sales grew 900% between 2010 and 2011 and are sold in 70 countries around the world. This turbo charged company growth is largely thanks to social media, both brothers have experience is sales and marketing and understood how position the brand in front of an audience. The company effectively used digital content such as its travel photo blog to create an engaged connection to their audience. Their celeb fans include Zac Efron and Cressida Bonas.