How to Look Amazing in Pictures for your Modelling Portfolio


Whether we have to pose for a modelling photoshoot or just out with a group of friends, most of us aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. And even if we are, the results of the photo often don’t turnout like the way we wanted it to. There have to be some secret rules that supermodels use to get awesome photos all the time. So we asked some of top models to share a light about looking good on photos.

Know your light and face it

If you are being shot without a flash, you must know where the main light source is and turn towards it. Light hitting your sides and angles will create shadows on your face. This will make your features look more harsh.

Facilitate a spontaneous moment

Photos are about the spark of the moment. The moment you’re trying to capture is not the time you stared at the camera. Unexpected things break people out of their minds and make way to a more natural and spontaneous moment. It makes people seem like themselves in real moments which are exactly what you want to try capturing.

Mug the mirror

It may be awkward, but spend more time making faces in the mirror. Every face is different and every face looks good doing different things. Explore and find your best angles. Practice and get comfortable making faces. Learn how to feel to your face and then remember them to help you recreate them during photoshoots.

Move the photographer’s eyes to the camera lens

Looking into the lens is weird. Engage in a real conversation with the photographer. Talk to them about something other than being photographed. Look into the photographer’s eyes while you converse them and transfer his eyes to the camera lens. Just continue the conversation as if you are still looking into his eyes. To people who view the picture, it will seem that you are looking at them. It will make your photo more engaging.

Study a favorite photo of yourself

To improve the quality of future photos, look closely at your favorite photos from the past in which you think you looked best. Take note of your angle and the style you were photographed at. You will probably that you are laughing or having a great time. Capturing someone when they are relaxed usually makes for the best results. Follow these advices from a supermodel and find your path through the gates of a modelling agency. Smile. Get those photographs for your portfolio and get ready for the time of your life.