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Eco Fashion – The Latest Trend

Lately fashions and trends change so quickly and some change their whole wardrobe each season to keep up with the latest high fashion look. High street shops have reacted to this by selling low cost clothing that can be bought and thrown away after just a few wears. But what impact does this consumerism have on the environment and how can we minimise this impact whilst still looking stylish?

Pesticides and cotton – Cotton is particularly prone to insect attach and so vast amounts of pesticides are used by farmers to ensure a good crop. As the insects become more tolerant of the pesticides, the farmer are forced to use more pesticides. When combined with other damaging methods of cultivation used when growing cotton, there is a significant amount of environmental damage caused including the contamination of drinking water and health risks to growers, barren and infertile soil and destruction of flora and fauna. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and with minimal environmental impact. There are also a range of other organic material available including soy, hemp and bamboo.

Waste and landfill – The environment, food and rural affairs committee has stated that almost 30% of the waste at some UK landfill sites comprises of clothing. Much of clothing is made of synthetic materials which will not break down and even the natural fabrics will produce gases such as methane contributing to global warming. Chemicals in fabrics that have been thrown away can also be washed out contaminating water supplies. You can reduce the amount of clothing that is put into landfill by recycling, swapping and selling your old clothing and buying clothes that will last.

Textile Manufacture – Textile manufactures can be very damaging to the environment with both energy used and gas and chemical emissions produced. The manufacture of both natural and synthetic fabrics uses a variety of chemicals that can be very damaging to the local environment. You can reduce the impact if clothing manufacture on the environment by again buying clothes that will last and recycling, swapping and selling your old clothes. It is also possible to buy clothing made from old clothing and recycled materials.

Clothing distribution – There is even an environmental cost of the transportation of clothing from the place of manufacture to the UK. Most clothing is made in countries a long way from the UK and transportation will use valuable resources and fossil fuels as well as creating damaging emissions. It is possible to buy clothing that is made from hemp, grown in the UK, although at the moment there is not a huge amount of choice. The best way to minimise the environmental cost of the distribution of clothing is to buy less fast fashion and instead find ways to make clothes last longer. The impact of distribution is also reduced by buying or swapping second hand clothes in the UK instead of buying new.

There are many ways that you can reduce the impact of your clothing on the environment whilst still looking stylish. It is important to remember that you do not have to have the latest fashion to look good and often those that swap or buy second hand clothes create their own much sought after eclectic style.

Clothes Swaps And The Problem With Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a relatively new phenomenon. It is the term used to describe the buying of cheaply made clothes which are then only worn a few times before being discarded. Fast fashion is a result of consumer desire to keep up with the ever changing trends and for a constantly updated wardrobe. What is wrong with that, you may think. Surely everyone wants to be trendy and fashionable and fast fashion is the perfect way to keep up with all the latest fashions without spending too much money. There are however a number of problems with this behaviour.

1. Low cost clothing is often produced unethically
In order to continually reduce the cost of producing clothing to keep up with the demand for low cost clothing, retailers sometimes use unethical suppliers in developing countries to provide clothing quickly at the required costs. There have been a number of well reported cases of retailers selling clothes made in sweatshops where workers are treated very badly, paid very little and given very little in terms of basic human rights.

2. Throwing away clothes that have hardly been worn contributes to the growing problem of landfill and textile waste.
Synthetic clothes do not degrade and so will remain in the ecosystem forever. Further more dyes and chemical finished on textiles that are disposed of landfill can be washed out by rain water and into rivers and other water systems. This is potentially damaging to flora, fauna and humans. Even natural fibres are a problem when disposed of in landfill, as they break down they produce methane a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

3. The constant production of new clothing has a number of environmental impacts including the use of fossil fuels, pollution and pesticides used in for the growth of cotton.
Many fast fashion clothes are made from synthetic fibres which are manufactured using petro chemicals in a process that is particularly energy intensive. Pollution from the textiles industry can be harmful to the environment and damaging to the health of humans in the vicinity. Carbon dioxide is also produced as energy is used to manufacture clothing; this is also a green house gas.

So what is the answer?

Consumers want to keep up with the latest fashions in a marketplace where, trends are driven by marketing and fashion companies. But perhaps it is the consumers who can change the fashion industry for the better by walking the walk when it comes to eco fashion. There has already been a lot of consumer interest in eco fashion, recycling and sustainable style. The issues need to be publicised even more and sustainable style promoted to the same degree as fast fashion has been. There are some key ways in which consumers can help move away from fast fashion and towards sustainable style.

Look for quality, well made clothes that will last
Where possible buy clothes made from natural organic fibres
Buy clothes in classic styles that will not go out of fashion quickly
Develop an individual style that is not dependant on keeping up with the latest trend
Look after and repair clothes to prolong their life
Recycle any unwanted clothes by swapping them, selling them or donating them to charity
Consider buying second hand, vintage and recycled clothing

The Real Cost Of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a term that is regularly used and connected with the negative environmental and ethical aspects of the fashion industry. Recently, there has been an increased interest on the environmental impacts of our consumer behaviour. What is fast fashion and what are it’s environmental impacts?

Fast Fashion is term used to describe the cheap high fashion clothing, usually sold by high street retailers. Traditionally retailers would tend to stock new trends or lines each season, with fast fashion, they stock new trends each or even week. This change is consumer buying behaviour is driven by both the reduction in the price of clothing and increased marketing of new trends and fashions. Fast fashion clothes are generally only worn a few times before being replaced by the latest trend.

The environmental impacts of fast fashion are well reported with the green house gas emissions, chemical pollution and landfill waste all being key issues. The growth of cotton, the most widely used natural fibre uses huge amounts of chemicals that are damaging to the health of the workers, the surrounding environment. Synthetic fibres like polyester which are regularly used for making ‘fast fashion’ clothes, require the use of vast amounts of petro chemicals and releasing all sorts of polluting chemicals that also present health risks for workers in the industry and those living in the vicinity. The manufacture of most textiles is an energy intensive process, this combined with the transport of textiles of products around the world produces even more green house gas emissions.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is also the problem of disposing of unwanted clothing. Landfill in the UK is a huge problem with textiles accounting for an estimated 30% of UK landfill waste each year. Synthetic textiles simply stay in the system and do not break down naturally. Even natural textiles pollute water systems with chemicals and dyes that are washed out by rain water. They also produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas as they breakdown.

Recycling of clothing is a great idea but the quality of many fast fashion items makes them less desireable second hand. In March last year Allan Wheeler of the textile recycling association reported in the House of Lords on how “the quality of the clothing that is coming through to our members is on the decline, which makes it harder to reuse”.

Whilst there are a variety of eco textiles and brands with excellent environmental credentials now available, it is consumer behaviour that will need to change in order to reduce the impact of fashion and clothing on the environment. Fashion retailers are primarily led by customer demand and will change their products and marketing strategies in response to a change in consumer behaviour. We are starting to see a move in the right direction with key retailers such as Marks and Spencer’s and Next all stocking organic and eco lines.

How to change from fast fashion to sustainable style

- Choose clothes in classic styles that will last more than one season
- Store clothes carefully to make them last, where possible, mend and repair instead of replacing them.
- Swap your second hand clothing at a swishing party or on a clothes swapping website
- Develop your own style, instead of following the latest trends.
- Buy vintage or second hand clothes
- Read fashion and style blogs for inspiration on timeless style
- Update last years look by adding a few accessories to your existing wardrobe rather than replacing everything.

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